Al-Futtaim HINO delivers 200 trucks to National Food Product Company

Custom-fitted HINO 916XLWB 6-ton models meet customers’ specific requirements and adhere to UAE safety standards

Al-Futtaim HINO has completed the delivery of 200 HINO trucks to the National Food Product Company (NFPC) in the UAE, one of the largest food and beverage companies in the region.

Announcing the handover of the 6t HINO 916XLWB trucks, Al-Futtaim HINO, the exclusive distributor of HINO trucks in the UAE, said NFPC’s fleet of HINO trucks has now grown to 450, following a similar deal of 250 trucks last year. Al-Futtaim HINO, an Al-Futtaim Automotive company, exclusively franchises light, medium and heavy-duty HINO trucks in the UAE. The 200 trucks in the latest delivery are custom-fitted to meet the specific requirements of NFPC and which adhere to UAE safety standards.

The company said it has increased market share by around 300% in the past five years and has been the preferred mobility partner for many FMCG companies thanks to HINO’s “unmatched Japanese quality and reliability and Al-Futtaim’s dedicated aftersales support”.

“With this deal, we are further cementing our strong relationship with NFPC whose fleet primarily consists of HINO trucks,” said Ramez Hamdan, GM, Al-Futtaim HINO.

“HINO trucks’ specifications, low cost of maintenance, durability and excellent aftersales support gives us a clear edge versus the competition and makes our trucks the perfect partner for FMCG companies. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a huge boost to e-commerce and this has had a corresponding increase in our light-duty truck sales which now makes up 65% of our sales primarily to FMCG and logistics operators.”

The HINO line-up in the UAE consists of light-duty 300 series, medium-duty 500 series and heavy-duty 700 series.

NFPC is a premier food and beverage company in the Middle East with brands such as Oasis Water, Blu, Lacnor, Safa, Gulf & Safa, Melco, Milco, Royal Bakers and Aqua Fresh in its stable. The company will use the trucks to boost its delivery operations which include water shutters, chillers and freezers.

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