70,000 tonnes per annum waste-to-energy plant commissioned by Dulsco

Plant is said to highlight the firm’s commitment to sustainability and drive towards a circular economy

Dulsco has commissioned what is billed as the first of kind Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) plant. The waste-to-energy plant has the capacity to process more than 70,000 tonnes of waste per annum –the equivalent of 7,000 garbage trucks diverted away from landfill.

The RDF plant is said to have an innovative processing methodology that treats waste to produce a refuse derive fuel product and is located within the EXPO 2020 premises in Dubai. Waste is pre-treated before being processed and the output product serves as a fuel feed to power the plant itself or is used by cement and other factories as an environmentally friendly and more sustainable alternative to natural gas, a statement from the firm said.

The RDF Plant, which enables Dulsco to treat waste, underpins the company’s commitment to sustainability and supports its drive toward achieving a circular economy with an effective long-term solution for waste management in the region in line with the UAE’s Circular Economy Policy 2021 – 2031, the statement added.

“The waste to fuel plant is an important addition to our collection of waste treatment facilities, as treating waste arising is an integral part of a sustainable waste management process. EXPO 2020 was a great platform for Dulsco to utilise our state-of-the-art processing facility and expertise to treat waste which helped us achieve in excess of 85% waste diversion from landfill,” said Dulsco CEO David Stockton.

He added, “Our aim is always to find solutions to make the communities that we serve more efficient, productive and sustainable. We will continue to invest heavily in technology and innovation, as we remain committed to supporting the UAE’s drive for sustainability and the country’s mission to achieve a circular economy.”

Factories and businesses across the UAE can now access the waste recycling services from Dulsco and contribute to a greener, more sustainable economy, he concluded.

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