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2023 Fleet and Mobility Summit will take place on 8 June

The B2B and B2C event will feature a unique mixture of test drives, tech demonstrations and expert insight for fleets in the market

The second edition of the Fleet and Mobility Summit will take place at the Habtoor Polo Resort in Dubai on 8 June 2023, the Truck & Fleet Middle East editorial team has confirmed.

Returning for the second year, the Fleet & Mobility Summit will once again bring together professional fleets to discuss how their businesses can take advantage of the wave of mobility technology hitting the market.

A unique mixture of test drives, tech demonstrations and expert insight, the second Fleet and Mobility Summit will ensures key stakeholders get together to extend their knowledge base and see the technology and practices that will shape their businesses for years to come. Registration for the event is complementary but mandatory for industry professionals.

“The first Fleet and Mobility Summit was one of the most exciting events I’ve personally been involved in, so I can’t wait to get the B2B and B2C fleet community back in the room together,” said Truck & Fleet Middle East Head of Content Stephen White.

A draft agenda for the event is now online, and the fleet community is now invited to fix the date in the diary and take part.

“If you are fleet business owner, providing car rental or mobility services, then we have an event that will set you up for all the challenges ahead,” added White.

From on-demand services to last mile deliveries, the regional market has seen some remarkable changes to the fleet and mobility sectors in the past half-decade. The rise of e-commerce and digitalisation means these sectors have emerged from the disruption of recent years with both private and end-user clients accessing services in a way they have never done so before. Likewise, technology is powering a revolution in how sectors such as hospitality, tourism, F&B and retail can offer unprecedented services directly into homes and offices via their own fleet or third-party service providers.

Mobility is also opening up possibilities in adopting on-demand, leasing and rental services to keep costs down and protect your operation’s flexibility. This is an event that will help companies managing their own fleet or relying on fleet services to understand how the market can leverage technology and expertise to evolve and discover the choices they should make to be competitive.

During the day, delegates will hear from industry veterans and disrupters alike about their digital transformation and new service roll-out experiences; learn about new practices; and find ways to finance their fleet while remaining competitive in a rapidly advancing market.

To learn more about how new mobility technology, services and vehicles can upgrade and grow your business, while maintaining high levels of customer retention and satisfaction, click here.


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