Green Fleet Summit announced for October 2023

Expert advice and vehicle showcase created to help B2B and B2C fleets make their switch to new forms of mobility

The region’s first event created for B2B and B2C professional fleets wanting to make the switch to new forms of mobility and those already on their journey to a greener future.

Governments and authorities across the region are investing billions into green transportation helping to foster business and consumer demand for cleaner forms of mobility.

This is changing the business fundamentals of B2B and B2C professional fleets who must consider how they can adjust to this changing landscape.

The Green Fleet Summit is a new kind of event that will gather car rental companies, fleet services and fleet owners of all forms of transportation and mobility services to discuss how they can join others who have made the transition to being cleaner, greener and more profitable.

The Green Fleet Summit is a conference where debate will encouraged and new benchmarks discussed. It will also provide practical advice in areas such as investment in charging infrastructure and route planning for vehicles.

And, uniquely, delegates will have the opportunity to experience and test the very latest electric and hybrid vehicles entering the market. By exploring the vehicles coming to the market delegates will able to determine which car, van or mobility solution is suitable for their business requirements.

With COP28 around the corner, this is an event that will help companies managing their own fleet or relying on fleet services to understand how they can continue to evolve and what choices they should make to be competitive.

“We want an event that cuts to the chase on behalf of professional fleets that are considering whether it is worth making the jump to electric or other alternatives to fossil fuels. We also want to bring together those that are already making their switch and the vehicles they are using. In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to fleets, OEMs and mobility experts who can help guide the sector through this daunting but exciting time,” said head of content Stephen White, Truck and Fleet Middle East.


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