Saudi officials to discuss 100% green transportation at Fleet and Mobility Summit in Dubai

Anton Bawab joins a line-up of stakeholders at the Dubai event from across the mobility, automotive and logistics industries

Anton Bawab, Head of Operations, The Red Sea Development Company will speak at Truck & Fleet’s 2022 Fleet and Mobility Summit, in a special look at the challenges of delivering fully sustainable transportation and logistics for a resort project the size of Belgium. Bawab joins a line-up of stakeholders at the Dubai event from across the mobility sector and at the forefront of the automotive and logistics industries.

Sessions at the Fleet and Mobility Summit – which takes place on 21 September at the Radisson Red Hotel in Silicon Oasis, Dubai – will look at the viability of electric vehicles and other alternatives in the market, as well as how digitalisation is the changing fleet and automotive businesses. Registration is complementary but mandatory for industry professionals.

Delegates will also be able to experience AV Living Lab, Continental and Location Solutions’ AI Driving Hub, which uses artificial intelligence to assess psycho-physiological characteristics of the drivers using biometric and sensor data, a digital twin, patented motion platform and customisable road scenarios. As a result, a fleet operator receives a detailed driver behaviour background check with 19 categories.

Read more about the agenda on the 2022 Fleet & Mobility Summit’s dedicated website here.


Experts from Atkins and CallisonRTKL will also be sharing insights on the day, to give strategic and planning insight. They will be joined by a raft of speakers from inside and outside the mobility sector from companies such as ekar, TotalEnergies, SAP, Al Masaood, Bridgestone, IntelliSoft, One-Moto, UD Trucks, and many more.

“While the fleet sector will continue to be a vital contributor to trade and the economy, it is also one that bears a huge responsibility to protect the lives of its drivers and other road users. For years, we have mostly considered that from the point of road safety, but now we must be looking at ways to take greener approaches. More than any of our other conferences and webinars, the Fleet and Mobility Summit sets out to make sure that the fleet sector is aligned with, and ready to meet, the UAE’s climate and development goals,” explained Stephen White, Head of Content at Truck & Fleet Middle East.

The fleet and transportation sectors in the region are undergoing a shift in connectivity and the use of data to push emerging approaches such as Last Mile deliveries and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).

White concluded, “The perception is that these changes could pass a lot of the market by, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The choices fleet companies should make are not always obvious and present challenges to many businesses, but we believe a forum like this can set the agenda for the years ahead, and help guide the decisions of all business leaders and stakeholders in the transportation and mobility sectors.”

To learn more about the Fleet & Mobility Summit, click here.


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