BKT introduces Multimax MP 569 tyre for agro-industrial applications

New tyre offers a maximum load capacity of 5.8t at 100km/h at a pressure of 9bar and is suitable for mixed-use vehicles that see both road and off-road use

BKT has released the new Multimax MP 569 tyre for applications in agro-industrial activities and other areas where heavy loads and high speeds are common.

The global off-the-road (OTR) tyre major said the new MP 569, part of its Multimax product line, is designed for use both in agricultural trucks and mixed-use vehicles that see a mix of road and off-road use when transporting goods.

The Multimax MP 569 has an all-steel casing for durability, alongside an optimised tread design to enable excellent traction when used off-road, said BKT. Together, these characteristics provide a comfortable ride and lower fuel consumption due to the tyre’s added stability and lower rolling resistance, added the manufacturer.

The Multimax MP 569 is available in size 445/65 R 22.5 (18 R 22.5), with a maximum load capacity of 5,800kg at 100km/h, at a pressure of 9bar.

Denis Piccolo, product manager at BKT, said: “Agro trucks normally have two different tread patterns on the rear drive axle and the front steer axle, depending on the work they have to do: the rear axle must guarantee more traction while the front axle must have more directional ability.

“The ideal equipment for these vehicles, according to our studies, is achieved by combining two BKT products. The new Multimax MP 569 on the front axle features shoulders that assist traction. It also has, in the central part of the tread, a design that guarantees less rolling resistance and excellent ability to maintain direction. And on the rear axle, FL 633 Performa, ultra-resistant, with exceptional load capacity and durability. It represents the future of flotation tyres, which are also ideal for agro trucks.”

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