Magna Tyres upgrades MA04+ range with three-star rated tyres

New rigid dump truck tyres with 8% higher payload to be made available from next month

Off-the-road tyre specialist, Magna Tyres, has introduced its first ever ‘three-star’ rigid dump truck tyre in an upgrade of its MA04+ range, increasing payload by 8%.

The Dutch-headquartered company announced that it has added the new 24.00R35 to its MA04+ line-up, making it available in the three-star version in addition to the existing two-star one. According to Magna Tyres, the potential of its latest development is “tremendous”, and it will be the first step in the upgraded generation of Magna’s rigid dump truck tyres.

The increase in payload equals an extra 9t in capacity per dump truck, which has the scope to provide a huge increase in productivity when considering the number of cycles made daily, Magna Tyres added.

“After years of research and hours of technical analysis, Magna Tyres managed to launch its first ever three-star rigid dump truck tyre,” said a statement from the tyre maker, adding that the new model is part of its upgraded MA04+ range, which has provided many dump trucks worldwide with superior performance since its introduction, enabling the movement of countless loads of raw materials. The proven tread pattern of the MA04+ has turned out to be the right basis for the further development of the range.

“The next level Magna MA04+ ensures customers a stronger tyre, with more rubber in the contact patch, and better and additional steel liners, which will result in increased load capacity. It allows mining operators to increase the productivity and continuity of their earthmoving operations,” said Magna.

The first production of the new tyre will be completed in July, Initially in the 24.00R35 size. Preparations have also been made to bring the other rigid dump truck sizes of the MA04+ range to market in its three-star rated version in the near future, Magna said.

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