Continental to offer NightViu premium lighting for the off-highway sector

New series features reflector lens design with six powerful LEDs and four cover lenses aimed at providing better visibility on construction sites

Technology company Continental will add the NightViu lighting series to its product range for commercial and special vehicles in the off-highway sector. NightViu is being developed especially for applications in the construction machinery sector, to provide better visibility in the work area, and improve safety and efficiency on construction sites, the company said.

The work lights in the NightViu series are said to feature an efficient reflector lens design with six powerful LEDs and four cover lenses, and can cover a wide range of lighting requirements.

“Looking at the construction sector in its entirety and contributing to greater safety on the construction site with our solutions is an important goal for Continental,” said Georg Kliewer, Head of Special Vehicles in Continental’s Automotive Aftermarket business segment. “That’s why we’re delighted that our NightViu work lights significantly improve visibility in poorly lit, construction site scenarios.”

With approximately 100 lumens per watt, the LED lights are expected to provide enhanced lighting efficiency, protecting sensitive vehicle electronics and preventing short circuits caused by excessive power consumption. Luminous flux options range from 1500 and 2500 to 3500 lumens.

The light beams are said to cover a wide variety of lighting scenarios for the work area around the vehicle, from close-range to far-field illumination. The beams offer several lighting patterns, ranging from highly focused spotlight illumination to floodlighting and from a wide to an extremely wide illumination field.

Continental has also designed a unique housing concept that enables the three different luminous flux options and the four different light patterns to be freely combined without needing more than one housing design.

“In this way, the complexity of the NightViu series is kept in check, but we can still meet every conceivable requirement of our customers,” said Chris Kosmala who is responsible for lighting system development at Continental.

The NightViu Premium work lights will be available in the second half of 2022. They will also be supplemented in the following months by more usage options in the commercial vehicle sector, such as driving lights.

In March 2022, the latest findings by Off-Highway Research noted that global construction equipment sales hit new record in 2021. Site safety, which includes operator training has been a growing focus: in early June, CM Labs announced new software that is designed to accelerate skill development amongst operators of cranes and earthmoving machinery, while later in the month, the LEEA said it will be launching new online courses on lifting equipment in the next six months.

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