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Heavy Equipment and Truck Show to take place in Dammam 18-21 Nov 2024

A premier event in the world of commercial vehicles and heavy machinery, the event will take place from 18-21 November 2024 at the Dhahran Expo in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The Heavy Equipment and Truck (HEAT) Show, a premier event in the world of commercial vehicles and heavy machinery, is set to take place from 18-21 November 2024 at the Dhahran Expo in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The landmark exhibition, the largest of its kind in Saudi Arabia, is strategically positioned in the epicentre of the oil and gas industry and aims to showcase the latest in heavy equipment, trucks, and transportation solutions, reflecting the need for dynamic innovations at a time of unprecedented growth in the Kingdom.

Over four days, the HEAT Show will bring together manufacturers, distributors, industry experts, and key stakeholders from across the region and beyond to explore the latest trends, technologies, and advancements in heavy machinery and vehicles. The event is designed to encourage business opportunities, networking, and knowledge exchange, catering to the growing demands and challenges of the exciting Saudi Arabian market.

Exhibition Highlights:

Regional Participation: An international platform for attendees from various sectors, including construction, logistics, and energy, to source new technology and create strategic partnerships.

Local Support: Tailored to meet the unique needs of the construction and oil & gas sectors, showcasing specialised heavy equipment and vehicles.

Innovative Solutions: Discover cutting-edge technologies and solutions designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability in operations.

Live Demonstrations: Witness the power and capabilities of the latest heavy machinery and trucks through live demonstrations.

“The HEAT Show is more than just an exhibition; it’s a pivotal gathering where the paths of innovation, industry, and technology converge,” said Stephen White, Head of Content, Construction Machinery Middle East and Truck & Fleet Middle East. “Given the critical role of heavy machinery and transportation in the Saudi Arabian economy, this event promises to offer a wide variety of solutions that will drive efficiency, safety, and sustainability for operators across a huge number of sectors including construction, oil & gas, mining, logistics, transportation, and more.”

Dammam, the gateway to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and a hub for the oil and gas industry, offers the perfect backdrop for the HEAT Show. The event underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation and growth in alignment with Vision 2030, aiming to diversify the economy and promote sustainable development.

Read more about the event here.

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