Magna Tyres introduces three new mining sizes

The Magna M-TERRAIN, MA10+ and MA08 ranges have been expanded to provide greater flexibility for fleet operators

Magna Tyres has expanded its range of tyres for earthmoving and mining equipment with three new sizes, the company has revealed.

Among the new additions the 775/65R29  Magna M-TERRAIN+, specially developed for best performance under articulated dump trucks, has been introduced as an upgrade on the Magna M-TERRAIN.

“With the addition of the Magna M-TERRAIN+ to the range, we have created an additional degree. The 775/65R29 Magna M-TERRAIN+ L4 can handle up to 20,600kg. With this size, we have developed a solution between the 750/65R25 and the 875/65R29, and we can provide even more machinery with the right tyres,” the company said.

In late August 2022, Mitas expanded its tyre range for wheeled and backhoe loaders and, in late September 2022, Continental launched its new LD-Master L5 Traction construction tyre.

The Magna MA10+ which was already available in five different sizes, has been further enhanced with the addition of the 15.5R25 Magna MA10+, a new sized tyre that can carry up to 7,100kg. Similar to other tyres in this range, it comes with a deep, open tread for traction in different environments and is constructed from puncture-resistant rubber and with a non-directional tread design for best damage resistance.

The company has also added the 17.5R25 Magna MA08, a tyre most suitable for loaders due to its high levels of traction and tyre grip. In addition, the Magna MA08 can now also be fitted to machines that can carry up to 8,500kg in weight.

In late November 2022, Apollo Tyres launches new radial tyres for compact construction equipment.

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