UAE’s Imdaad awards fleet-service contract to Emirates Transport

Emirates Transport to undertake maintenance operations for Imdaad’s vehicles and equipment

PHOTO: Jamal Abdullah Lootah, Imdaad CEO, and Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, General Manager of Emirates Transport signing the deal. Credit: Supplied

The UAE-based waste-management company Imdaad has signed a three-year contract with Emirates Transport for maintenance and repair of its fleet of vehicles and equipment.

Under the new agreement, Emirates Transport will manage all fleet-maintenance operations for Imdaad, offering complete vehicle maintenance and repair services.

“We are confident that with the handing over of the contract to Emirates Transport, we will be able to focus on our resources to improve our core offering by enhancing operational efficiencies and controlling costs,” said Jamal Abdullah Lootah, chief executive of Imdaad.

Emirates Transport’s auto services division operates 52 workshops and employs 1,850 mechanics and technicians. The division currently offers maintenance services to 22,000 vehicles belonging to over 150 public and private sector entities, as well as Emirates Transport’s own fleet.

“We are delighted to enter into this agreement with Imdaad,” said Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, General Manager of Emirates Transport. “Emirates Transport’s strength lies in its in-depth knowledge of vehicle maintenance, which empowers it to optimise the fleet to the lowest possible lifecycle cost.”

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