New timed online auctions at WWA

New feature allows equipment to be auctioned on-site

World Wide Auctioneers (WWA) has launched  a new timed online equipment auction system, to be used for equipment that is located away from the WWA sites. Items can be bidded online, and each item will be single auction.

Its first use is for the auctioning of equipment belonging to Abu Dhabi Ports Corporation (ADPC), includiing four 40-ton SISU KALMAR Straddle Carriers recently taken out of service by ADPC, along with a large supply of spare parts.

“Timed online auctions are a unique and effective way to manage the sale at auction of equipment items when on-site sale is necessary or desirable”, explained Keith Lupton, WWA’s VP for Middle East Sales. “WWA’s strong customer base in the Middle East, a region with extremely strong equipment demand, assures equipment owners that their assets will be offered to a large pool of qualified buyers capable of generating fair market prices.”

The timed auction feature will feature the continuous introduction of new equipment items. Each item will be a single auction, so there will be a steady stream of featured equipment, with each item independently introduced and closed. Buyer premiums will be well below industry standard and most items will be unreserved, noted Lupton.

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