Khansaheb deploys BESS to drive down carbon emissions on site

The two ‘Enertainers’ systems will power two tower cranes and reduce carbon emissions by a predicted 128t over a 12-month period

Khansaheb Civil Engineering has said it has become the first contractor in the Middle East to use a battery energy storage system (BESS) to power large construction equipment. Describing the rollout as a sustainability milestone, the firm notes that the move to deploy lithium-ion battery solutions will ‘vastly reduce carbon emissions’.

The firm said that it partnered with AJI Rentals to use Ampd Energy’s ‘Enertainer’ to power two tower cranes on its flagship project, Serenia Living on the Palm Jumeirah.  The Enertainer is said to be a plug-and-play solution, which electrifies construction power generation, and offers a seamless, quiet, and fully automated energy supply, facilitating the construction industry’s shift away from fossil fuels.

By reducing the use of traditional diesel generators, Khansaheb is reducing the comparative carbon footprint by up to 85%, utilising a system that operates at a noise level 30 times quieter, emits minimal diesel fumes, and reduces risks related to diesel handling. The firm noted that the two deployed Enertainer solutions will reduce carbon emissions by a predicted 128t over a 12-month period.

“At Khansaheb we have been implementing our ‘SustainAbility’ agenda since 2013 and this has enabled us to drive down fuel consumption, energy consumption, water consumption and reduce waste across our business, year on year. This has in turn reduced our costs and these benefits have been passed on to our customers, delivering a more sustainable construction process in line with the national Sustainability Agenda,” explained Steve Flint, Managing Director of Khansaheb Civil Engineering.

In addition to reduced requirements for maintenance and refuelling, the BESS is billed as an economically intelligent option for operations. As an IoT-enabled device, it offers the added benefit of remote monitoring, providing a comprehensive level of data transparency, invaluable for data-driven decision-making.

Flint added, “We promote innovative solutions that aid us in our sustainability journey. Our commitment to integrating zero emission technology, such as Ampd Energy’s Enertainer into our construction operations will further reduce a significant amount of emissions and minimise our carbon footprint, while helping us provide a more sustainable solution to meeting our customers’ needs. We hope to adopt this technology on all future projects.”

Hannes Van Graan, Regional Operation Manager at AJI Rentals commented, “We have made a concerted effort to introduce equipment and solutions into our rental fleet, which is enabling the move to a more sustainable construction industry, a reality. Khansaheb has embraced and implemented Ampd Energy’s Enertainer with absolutely no hesitation, and we are excited to support them in their current and future projects.”

Earlier this year, Khansaheb announced that it was appointed the main contractor by Palma Development for its luxury beachfront project, Serenia Living. The project is due to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2025, the statement noted.

“Partners like Khansaheb and AJI Rentals inspire us with their proactive commitment to innovation and sustainability. We’re so glad to see the first Enertainer in the GCC deployed on a Khansaheb site through AJI Rentals. We are proud of the emissions reductions being achieved at the Serenia Living site and how it is supporting Khansaheb’s environmental agenda. We look forward to extending the benefits of this technology to future assignments,” concluded Rafat Award, Country Manager GCC at Ampd Energy.


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