Construction of Tesla Megapack battery begins in Shanghai

The factory will span an area of 200,000sqm and will be developed at a cost of US $203.9mn

Construction has kicked off on a factory that will be able to produce 10,000 Tesla Megapack battery storage units a year. The plant is set to start production in early 2025.

The Lin-gang Group is said to be overseeing construction of the factory, which is taking shape close to Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory, which produces Tesla cars. The gigafactory is the firm’s largest plant outside of the US.

According to the administration of the Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the new factory will cost approximately US $203.9mn and will span an area of 200,000sqm.

“With Tesla’s benchmark project, we anticipate that within the next three to five years, an industrial cluster centered around energy storage will rapidly emerge,” said Lu Yu, an official of the Lin-gang Special Area Administration.

Tesla’s megapacks can each store 3.9MW/h of energy, which is enough to power 3,600 households for an hour. The battery storage systems are designed to help power companies stabilise energy grids.


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