XCMG sets new wind power hoisting record with all-terrain crane

The XCA2600 recently installed an 8.5MW wind turbine in Shandong Province, China

An all-terrain crane independently developed by XCMG is said to have set a new wind power hoisting record. XCMG said its XCA2600 all-terrain crane lifted and installed an 8.5MW wind turbine recently in the Changyi Wind Farm in Weifang, Shandong Province, setting the record for the hoist of the largest onshore wind power generator.

The XCA2600 is said to be the world’s first all-terrain crane to have a 10-axle chassis and has a lower crane body that can protect the equipment when it’s operating at wind power plants. This allows the crane to pass through safely when encountering low-altitude power lines.

Its compact body, coupled with a wider chassis and independent suspension system is also said to improve the crane’s safety and stability, the company noted.

In July 2022, XCMG said the world’s largest telescopic wind power-oriented crane had been exported to Europe and, in August 2022, it said it would release new electric products in its largest exhibition to date at Bauma 2022.

It is part of XCMG’s pioneering ‘super crane twin’ solution, which features two 2,600t mega cranes with different lifting capabilities that can switch freely between crawler base and mobile base.

“The rapid development of wind power technologies necessitates hoisting equipment that can lift heavier weights to higher heights, while guaranteeing transportation efficiency and safety, and as such XCMG is committed to developing the best super cranes to support the fast development of the global wind power industry and new energy development,” said Li Changqing, Technical Expert of XCMG.

The approach aims to provide efficient solutions for the installation of a super wind turbines and customise operations for different construction environment and application scenarios, the company concluded.

Late in August 2022, XCMG said it was the first Chinese equipment manufacturer to receive digital service certification.

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