World’s largest telescopic wind power-oriented crane exported to Europe says XCMG

The 2,000t crawler crane was shipped to Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of China’s “the Belt and Road” initiative

XCMG says it has exported the world’s largest telescopic wind power-oriented crane to Europe.

The 2,000t crane, which can lift up to 135t to a height of 160m was introduced by Hanson Liu, Vice President of XCMG at a special departure ceremony before being shipped to Bosnia and Herzegovina to be used in the country’s largest energy power generation project.

“The departure not only broke the tonnage record of this type of crane in the global industry, but also broke the export record of China’s construction machinery industry,” announced the manufacturer in a statement.

In April 2018, XCMG announced its giant excavator and said it was the largest ever produced in China.

The company added that the Ivovic project is a landmark project of China’s “the Belt and Road” initiative in Europe, with the XCC2000 being “the most advanced thousand-tonne-level super crane with the highest scientific and technological content newly developed by XCMG.”

The Belt and Road initiative, formerly known as One Belt Road, is a global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese government in 2013 to invest and in 60 countries and international organisations.

In June 2020, XCMG and Cummins said they were collaborating to build an electric excavator prototype, and in June 2022, XCMG introduced its super-scale tower crane.

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