XCMG becomes first Chinese equipment manufacturer to receive digital service certification

The XCMG Hanyun IoT platform was launched in 2016 to connect equipment from multiple manufacturers and brands

XCMG has become the first equipment manufacturer in China to be awarded a Level 4 capability certificate by the China Software Industry Association, the company has revealed.

The evaluation, which was assessed and verified by the Software Engineering Centre of Chinese Academy of Sciences, recognises the service capabilities of its Hanyun IoT platform, which was launched in 2016 by XCMG Hanyun, a subsidiary of XCMG.

According to XCMG, the platform has connected more than 40,000 devices in 80 countries and regions targeted by the Chinese government’s Belt and Road initiative, providing data service support for the management and maintenance of equipment used in construction, mining, and energy related projects.

In August 2022, XCMG said it would release new electric products in its largest exhibition to date at Bauma 2022.

“Taking advantage of 5G+industrial Internet, equipment produced by different manufacturers and brands, even different generations of equipment, can be connected through the integrated platform, achieving the maximum connection of devices,” said Li Zhongfu, Director of Information Management for XCMG’s heavy equipmemnt manufacturing.

“It not only tracks and sends back product parameters to provide customers with remote diagnostic services, but also monitors the operational data of production equipment in real time, making capacity scheduling more manageable and accurate while significantly improving production efficiency.”

In May 2022, XCMG Hanyun’s industrial Internet platform placed third on a list of digital platforms announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

Since the official launch of the Hanyun integrated identity resolution platform (version 3.0) in 2021, approximately “10bn pieces of equipment have been registered, while the number of pieces of equipment in active deployment has exceeded 120,000,” the manufacturer added.

In July, the firm said the world’s largest telescopic wind power-oriented crane had been exported to Europe, while in June, XCMG introduced it’s super-scale tower crane.

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