Raimondi Cranes unveils new additions to flattop range

The T357 has a maximum lifting capacity of 16t and is designed to offer significant hoist speed and tip load, the company says

Raimondi Cranes has unveiled two new cranes, the T187 and T357, in addition to its new extended crane cab, the Raimondi Lumina X.

The T357, which was presented at Bauma 2022 as part of the Class 150 series, alongside the company’s other new products, has a 16t maximum lifting capacity, and is designed to offer significant hoist speed and tip load with a maximum radius of 77.5m and a maximum tip load of 2.67t in UltraLift.

The T187, part of the Class 110 series has a maximum capacity of 10t with a maximum jib length of 67.5m and a jib tip capacity of 1.6t.

In July 2022, the firm said it had deployed cranes for the construction of residential buildings in Aljada and, in October 2022, the firm unveiled its new brand and company vision.

Similar to the Class 110 series, the full range of Class 150 machines is designed and conceptualised as a whole set of cranes by prioritising modularity of mechanical and carpentry parts, as well as interchangeability of the jib elements. The new crane series’ name is drawn from the 1.5m wide jib section.

“We presented the T357 for Bauma, as it demonstrates the superior characteristics of the Class 150, the Raimondi’s new range of six flattop cranes. With a maximum lifting capacity ranging between 12t to 24t, this new class was designed with the Central & Northern Europe, American and Canadian markets in mind,” explained Cristian Badin, Commercial Director at Raimondi Cranes.

“The Raimondi T357 is aptly-suited for construction of medium-to-high infrastructural jobsites due to its maximum lifting speed of 152m per minute using a 75kW winch, and the drum capacity of 800m,” Badin added.

All of the Class 150 models can be equipped with Lumina X, Raimondi’s extended version of the newly-launched crane cabin. At 2.14m high, 2.28m long, and 1.50m wide, the Lumina is one of the largest cabins on the market today, the company said. It boasts several new benefits such as an integrated refrigerator, multiple drawers, coat hangers, a wireless phone charger station and Bluetooth audio system.

In October 2022, Wolffkran introduced high-performance fiber rope for tower cranes.

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