Wolffkran introduces high-performance fiber rope for tower cranes

The fibers of the rope core are made of dimensionally stable material allowing it to be used in extreme temperatures, company says

Wolffkran has revealed a new fiber rope for tower cranes that can replace a steel rope 1:1 without any modification of the crane. The chaRope, which is being showcased on a WOLFF crane at Bauma this week, was developed in cooperation with the rope specialist Trowis GmbH, the company said.

The fibers of the rope core are made of extremely dimensionally stable material, which help preserve the rope’s round cross-section, so it can be used in the most challenging environments such as icy mountain peaks or hot desert regions, WOLFF explained.

“Thanks to the unique design, the chaRope fiber rope has the same diameter as a steel rope and is thus significantly thinner than comparable products from competitors,” says Thomas Heidrich, CTO and Member of the Group Management Board at Wolffkran GmbH.

In March 2021, Wolffkran said it had achieved climate-neutral certification in Germany.

The rope design consists of a multi-layered, twisted rope core made of high-tensile high-tech fibers and an abrasion-resistant, thin-walled fiber composite cover. As a result, the company noted it can offer 12mm and 16mm diameter crane ropes at market entry. In Wolffkran’s current portfolio, this applies to all models in the WOLFF Clear series, the new WOLFF 21 FX cranes and the WOLFF 8033.16 Cross.

Aside from its small diameter, the unique fiber composite design of the rope cover has further advantages over conventional, braided covers. It is impermeable meaning moisture can’t penetrate through to the inside of the rope, nor can lubricants or fiber abrasions leak through to the outside.

“The rope does not run dry, even after many years, and the environment is not polluted with microscopic plastic,” adds Peter Streubel, Managing Director of Trowis GmbH.

In October 2022, Tadano said it would debut a 70t crane with increased lifting capacities at Bauma 2022 while, later in the month, Raimondi Cranes unveiled its new brand and company vision.

The test phase for the chaRope fiber rope is expected to be completed in June 2023, before being made available on the market in August 2023.

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