Caparol paint product proven to be effective against Coronavirus

CapaCare Protect anti-microbial paint tested to kill 99.9% of Coronavirus particles on walls painted with it in two independent US laboratories

Caparol Arabia has announced the successful completion of testing of its CapaCare Protect paint product, demonstrating its use in the fight against the novel Coronavirus.

The paint manufacturer said in a statement that the tests were conducted in the USA and proved the efficacy of the solution in curbing the spread of coronavirus and other microbes. These tests follow the successful launch of the product in the UAE market in April.

According to Caparol, the CapaCare Protect premium interior emulsion is the only paint in the region with 99.9% kill rate against the Human Coronavirus and the H1N1 influenza virus. The reports were tested as per American and Japanese standards in two independent ISO 17025 laboratories in the USA, approved and accredited by the International Antimicrobial Council, said the manufacturer.

Martin Rosocha, MD, Caparol Arabia, said: “Caparol is committed to developing environmentally friendly solutions that contribute to comfortable living, healthier and more energy-efficient spaces. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our expert solutions team has joined the fight against the virus with the introduction of CapaCare Protect, a premium anti-microbial paint suited for homes, hospitals, clinics and day-care centres. These efforts paid off and we have now proved that we have a solid solution that can effectively kill 99.9% of coronavirus particles. This is a ground-breaking development and we are delighted to now make the paint available across the region to secure and protect the walls of as many residents as we can.”

CapaCare Protect is manufactured in the company’s production plant in the UAE and has already been used over the past three months on various projects, including commercial, residential areas, hospitals and schools. Caparol added that the demand for the product is on the rise and its production is expected to further increase following the news around positive tests to combat coronavirus.

Mowaffaq Balish, commercial director, Caparol Arabia, added: “Ultimately, Caparol wants to play a key role in supporting the positive development of the region and reflect governmental shift towards a green economy. We are seeing more and more developers keen to make projects more efficient and sustainable. There’s a real opportunity to help them improve the performance and safety of their buildings and enhance the experience of residents with our innovative solutions.”

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