Azizi overhauls designs of upcoming homes post-pandemic

Developer says that substantial changes in preferences have prompted decision

Azizi Developments, the Dubai-based private real estate developer, has said that it has overhauled the designs of its upcoming homes to appeal to customers’ post-pandemic needs.

In a statement, the developer explained that there have been substantial changes in preferences due to the implications of the pandemic on residential developments. As a result, it has redefined several of its soon-to-be launched designs.

One such example is that the importance of foyers has risen, it said. As they act as separators between the outdoors and indoors, they allow homes to be kept sanitary, where residents can, for example, take off their shoes and wash their hands.

Azizi added that it is now also integrating more non-porous materials that are easier to clean and thereby reduce the likelihood of contamination.

The developer said post-pandemic workspaces at home are also becoming increasingly important for adults to work from home and children to pursue e-learning.

Azizi’s units are designed with larger, dedicated, and secluded work areas with more suitable furniture, for these purposes, it said. Moreover, additional amendments to balcony sizes and outdoor spaces were made, with larger such spaces now being higher in demand, it stated.

The developer has added renowned designers to its team to find new ways of enhancing its project layouts and aesthetics, such as by exploring role of colours in promoting serenity within its homes, with neutral and demure mid-tones being proven to bring harmony and joy to those residing there, it added.

Chief Development Officer Mohamed Ragheb Hussein said: “Even post-pandemic, we will see these trends continue. Home office is becoming increasingly prevalent, and families feel safer spending more time in their own space.”

“Homes have turned into offices, playgrounds, cinemas, restaurants and more – a trend that is here to last. It is of the utmost importance for us to design solutions that meet these needs and keep our valued customers safe and comfortable,” observed Hussein.

“Along with the facilities management team and owners’ associations, we have also enhanced the landscaping areas by adding more trees, seasonal flowers and children-friendly play areas, while also upgrading the fitness centres,” he stated.

“Every element, be it equipment, flooring, walls or lighting, has been designed with special attention to detail to enhance our tenants’ lifestyles. Sanitisation is kept at the forefront of all this – but meeting the market’s needs and wants doesn’t end there – we will continue to find further ways of enhancing our designs in light of the pandemic’s after-effects,” he added.

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