Zoomlion says new all-electric truck crane is a ‘world first’

Chinese manufacturer claims 25t model with 260km range is the first of its kind in the world

Equipment major Zoomlion says its new ZTC250N-EV, the first unit of which rolled off the production line at its plant in Quantang Industrial Park in Changsha, China, is the world’s first “pure electric powered truck crane”.

A statement from the Chinese heavyweight said the 25t “pure electric-powered” ZTC250N-EV truck crane has “dynamic power in performance and is more economical and environmentally friendly than other truck cranes in the market”.

The truck crane uses a five-section boom and has a three-axle chassis. Zoomlion said it can reach a maximum speed of 90km/h and has a maximum gradeability of 50%. The sound of the vehicle during driving and operating is no higher than 65dB. Its comprehensive energy cost can be reduced to only 35% of other fuel-powered products in the same class with zero emissions, said the manufacturer, while the intelligent control system it is equipped with also allows precise control of the vehicle.

The ZTC250N-EV can deliver over 260km of range powered by its high-density lithium iron phosphate battery pack, meeting the requirements of most construction operations. It can fit standard charging plugs and industrial sockets, which accommodates customers’ need for charging.

Zoomlion added that the production of ZTC250N-EV is the result of its philosophy of sustainable development, which is of great significance for energy saving and emission reduction, and also demonstrates Zoomlion’s R&D and innovation capacity.

Wang Qitao, technical director of Engineering Cranes Branch, Zoomlion, said: “We have partnered with the world’s leading suppliers for green energy parts and tailored to the usage scenarios and working conditions of truck cranes. We equipped the truck crane with high energy storage density LFP battery, which is the safest in the world. The bodywork and chassis applied a ZIC intelligent collaborative control strategy, which perfectly combines the TCEMS high-efficiency energy management system and a BMS battery management system.

“We had set up a specialised team in 2018, consisting of staff from research, engineering, manufacturing and quality control departments, and completed the production of the truck crane within two years.”


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