Coronavirus: UD Trucks announces 60-day warranty extension during lockdown

Facility available to MEENA region customers whose warranty expires while the lockdown period is ongoing

UD Trucks owners in the Middle East and North Africa with vehicle warranties ending during the Covid-19 lockdowns have been given a 60-day extension by the Volvo Group truck maker.

A statement from UD Trucks said the decision, which also covers UD Trucks customers in East Africa, said the initiative aims to support its customers “who are not able to carry out services due to the varying levels of social distancing measures mandated by individual governments”.

“UD Trucks hopes to alleviate any concern from customers who have vehicle maintenance and repair needs during these challenging times. Logistics is the lifeblood of society and with the current situation it is more important than ever that trucks stay on road to deliver the goods we take for granted in our day-to-day lives,” said the company.

Amon the measures and services announced by UD Trucks are

  • Ongoing service and support to customers carrying out essential services
  • Extensions to periodical service and maintenance without any impact on the warranty terms
  • Extended warranty coverage of 60 days for vehicles whose warranty expires during the lockdown period

Adding that that lockdown dates, service contracts and warranty terms and conditions might vary from market to market, UD Trucks also advised customers to contact their local distributors for more details on the warranty extension and related measures.

The company added that with the importance of business continuity in this period of unprecedented global disruption, it is “endeavouring to play its part to help negate the impact”.

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