Big Project Awards 2012: RW Armstrong – Green Building Project of the Year

RW Armstrong wins for work on Masdar City Project

RW Armstrong has won the Green Building Project of the Year for its superlative work on the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology, the centrepiece of Masdar City.

Masdar is one of the most sustainable and low-carbon cities in the world. Designed and constructed according to a strict sustainability approach, the Masdar Institute serves as an example for many sustainable buildings and rating systems in the region.

Antonio Ceci, Sustainability and Permitting manager at the company explained: “It’s a great honour to work with Masdar, and win this award for a great project. It’s a fantastic achievement, it’s great that all the hard work and the hours and discipline it takes to get a project like this completed is recognised by someone, and that we can deliver at least some of the work.”

“This is for our continued commitment to sustainability. We can see the result of our work. Many of the phases are being handed over and we the projects being ready – at least some of the work – there’s a lot more to go but we are completing this phase at least.”

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