Big Project Awards: Whitney Morris – Young Engineer of the year

Whitney Morris was chosen as Young Engineer of the Year.

By any standards it has been a great year for Whitney Morris of Desimone. This month she won the ‘Young Engineer of the Year’ award on behalf of her company. It was presented to her by Gavin Davids, deputy editor of Big Project.

In just two years Whitney has made invaluable contributions to projects such as the Regent Emirates Pearl Hotel and the Al Hilal Bank Tower, where she provided complex analysis and design of both building’s structure.

Speaking of the award she said: “ I’m very humbled and I’m very grateful to be recognised this way. Hopefully I can keep doing more good work. It’s a nice pat on the back for sure because I have been working really hard. It’s nice to be recognised this way and it gives me more oomph to keep going”.

She feels lucky to have been recognised: “I think honestly it’s the exposure I’ve had to the projects out here. I’ve been really lucky with the type of buildings I’ve been able to work on”.

Earlier in the year, on August 20th she married Gorka Garbayo, a senior project engineer at Desimone.

She will be busy next year too: “Next year we’ve got lots of new stuff. Some multi-functional arenas, some food and beverage developments and a big mosque”.

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