Big Project Awards 2012: Sorouh Real Estate – Developer of the Year

Developer wins award for outstanding work in handing over developments over the course of 2012

Sorouh has had an outstanding 2012, handing over a series of residential, retail and commercial projects. It is the asset manager of a multi-billion dollar mixed asset class portfolio which boasts a gross floor area of 20.2 million square feet and 10,300 residential units.

To date Sorouh has ensured the successful delivery and management of 13 significant real estate developments in Abu Dhabi, increasing the asset management base, improving capital formation and creating greater bottom line visibility of recurring income in a challenging real estate environment.

Gurjit Singh accepted the award: “As a responsible developer here in the UAE, we’ve always focused on the customer and our deliveries of the various developments have been in relation to what the customer wants. So from the time the project is conceptualised to when it’s delivered and managed, we have customer centricity at the forefront.”

“In the coming years, we will continue to focus on investment property base and increasing our recurring income base and I think that’s a very important facet of giving concentration to our stakeholders and shareholders.”

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