Big Project Awards 2012: Quantity Surveyor – Department of Transport Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Department of Transport wins Quantity Surveyor of the Year

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This award was won by the Department of Transport Abu Dhabi, an organisation driving the field of infrastructure forward in the region.

This award winner has shown over the past decade that it is possible to manage complicated infrastructure challenges while delivering tangible improvements to the lives of those that live within its area.

The Department of Transport of Abu Dhabi is considered one of the major infrastructure developers in the region and is opening up the construction market in Abu Dhabi.

This has been made possible by the creation of a sound commercial and contractual entity to facilitate the DoT’s works and enable it to achieve and successfully deliver its infrastructure projects in a timely and high quality fashion.

Ihab Al Khatib, consultant to the procurement and contracting division with the Department of Transport accepted the award on behalf of the Department: “This award makes us proud as we’re still a little bit of a new organisation. We were established in 2006 and we have the second largest budget in Abu Dhabi, basically all our projects are related to infrastructure.”

“We’re proud that we’ve never received any claims related to measurement or quantity surveying. We’ve established a good partnership with all our contractors and suppliers. This award will be motivation for us to excel in the future.”


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