SEWA and Proton Ventures discuss pollution and carbon emission reduction plan

Pollution and carbon emissions are the energy sector’s biggest challenges according to SEWA

Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) and specialist renewable energy firm Proton Ventures have held initial discussions around plans to reduce carbon emissions in the production of electricity and water. The move is said to be part of SEWA’s environmental strategy and role in providing a cleaner environment.

According to a statement, SEWA is keen to source expertise and carry out studies in the renewable energy field, with a view to benefit from the advantages of clean power. Hydrogen is said to be a major area of interest for the utility firm.

“Our reliance on renewable energy, including the use of hydrogen energy to meet the increasing demand, is among the basic criteria that will push towards achieving sustainable development without harming the world,” said Dr Engineer Rashid Al Leem, chairman of SEWA during a meeting with a Dutch delegation from Proton Ventures.

Al Leem discussed the potential and advantages hydrogen energy offered and pointed out that it could be one of the tributaries of achieving sustainable development. He stated that it can be produced from available and traditional sources such as oil and gas or renewable sources such as solar energy, wind energy and thermal energy.

Additionally, he explained that hydrogen is a clean energy source that is storable, transportable, and sustainable, and contributes to reducing the environmental impacts of conventional energy production.

SEWA plans to implement several new projects in the field of alternative and renewable energy from wind and solar energy, Al Leem said. The utility firm is said to have already started preparing feasibility studies with international companies in this field, as the growing demand for energy requires finding appropriate solutions and developing a strategy that forms a vision for the use of renewable energy.

Bob Weehuizen, business developer at Proton Ventures said that the future of energy depended on renewable and clean sources, and that his firm has great experience in this area. He pointed out that Proton is keen to work with SEWA in the implementation of projects that protect the environment and reduce pollution.

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