SOHAR Port eyeing growth as it opens Terminal 2D for leases

Terminal 2D waterfront location ‘perfect’ for businesses looking to take advantage of the deep-water facilities

Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of SOHAR Port and Freezone, has invited companies to take advantage of its strategic position as it seeks possibilities for growth and expansion.

With several developmental plans underway, including future projects at the port and Freezone, SOHAR is now looking forward to leasing out its Terminal 2D.

The waterfront location hosts an area of a 100-hectares with easy access to cool water and the surrounding industrial clusters. The sizable land area was initially developed in 2009 as a container terminal expansion but has now been dedicated to businesses involved in the logistics and metal sectors, says the organisation.

Commenting on the potential of Terminal 2D, Geilenkirchen said, “SOHAR is strategically positioned at the centre of global possibilities, and has a consumer reach of over 2.2 billion across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

“Potential customers are generally based outside Oman, so we aim to garner as many opportunities as possible to support them in setting up at SOHAR. Additionally, with the help of our One-Stop-Shop facility and the benefits we offer, investors will receive a favourable return on investment,” he added.

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) service at SOHAR Port and Freezone acts as a single-window for clients to obtain all necessary documentations and operate their businesses efficiently and effectively. It provides multiple key amenities (including company registration and licensing, plot work and labour permits, visas, etc) under a single window to deliver high-quality services.

“With several regional ports currently running out of space, SOHAR still has the capacity to further expand and attract prospective investments. Clustering is an innovative form of business. Therefore, the close proximity to our petrochemical, logistics and food clusters will also support the creation of upstream and downstream opportunities for further business developments. Moreover, as the Port and Freezone are both managed under a single entity, this allows for a seamless connection between the two, while also enhancing efficiency for feedstock imports and product exports,” commented Geilenkirchen.

According to SOHAR, strategically located by the sea, Terminal 2D location is “perfect for businesses looking to take advantage of the deep-water facilities and the accessibility of logistic services” surrounding SOHAR Port and Freezone.

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