Egypt’s Sodic to solar power its HQ by 2020

Sodic will install 8,000sqm of land with solar-powered parking sheds to power its HQ with renewable energy

Egypt-based real estate company, Sodic has announced that its headquarters (HQ), located at the Polygon Business Park will be powered by solar energy by 2020. The initiative is carried out in partnership with the Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC) and Egypt-PV in accordance with the United Nations Development Programme.

According to statement by Sodic, they are currently installing solar-powered parking sheds in its 8,000sqm neighbourhood mall, Westown Hub. This will provide shade for visitors and generate clean energy at the same time, the company added.

The Westown Hub is directly adjacent to its HQ, and the solar-powered parking sheds will generate enough clean energy to cover 95 per cent of Sodic’s requirements. Sodic will make use of the net metering system, which will allow its HQ to utilise the produced energy as needed which will result in maximum utilisation of the clean energy, significantly reducing Sodic’s carbon footprint, it added.

Magued Sherif, managing director at Sodic said: “This investment demonstrates our commitment to creating a positive legacy through sustainable development.”

“By focusing our sustainability initiatives on aspects most relevant to our core operations and interweaving them into our projects, we are able to achieve maximum impact; delivering better solutions for customers, driving operational efficiencies and maximising positive impact on the environment,” he stated.

The statement from Sodic also mentioned that the initiative to implement grid connected small scale photovoltaic-systems projects is to increase the reliance on renewable energies in the industrial sector, public buildings, and hospitality, commercial and residential sectors.


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