UD Trucks’ New Quester launches in Middle East

New heavy-duty truck is built for the challenge of smart logistics, says truck-maker

UD Trucks unveiled its New Quester in the Middle East, East and North Africa (MEENA) at a special launch event yesterday in Bahrain.

According to the Volvo Group-owned Japanese truck and engine-maker, the updated heavy-duty vehicle arrives with, “a range of enhancements that will enable logistics companies across the region to tackle critical industry challenges and boost their bottom line through Smart Logistics.”

For the first time in the region, the Quester is available as a high roof sleeper for long haul applications. Horsepower has also been boosted and other enhancements help to improve the truck’s overall fuel efficiency, productivity, connectivity and supporting services.

The company told the local truck industry that it was worked to meet the demands of developing safer and more comfortable and efficient fleet vehicles. The truck consequently offers options of new features such as the automated manual ESCOT (Easy Safe Controlled Transmission) transmission and UD Telematics.

“To be introduced in fast-growing regions around the world, the launch of New Quester highlights UD Trucks’ unwavering commitment to “Going the Extra Mile” for customers’ businesses,” said the company.

“The truck industry in the region is changing rapidly and customers are increasingly conscious of the total cost of ownership,” said Mourad Hedna, President of UD Trucks MEENA. “With New Quester we have the ideal product to address these needs. Moreover, New Quester combines the best of three worlds: UD Trucks’ strong Japanese heritage and craftsmanship; Volvo Group’s innovative technology; and our strong local support for our valued customers, which we call our Gemba spirit.”

He added: “We are humbled by the tremendous confidence and recognition that the Quester line has earned. With New Quester, we are looking forward to carrying on this legacy of being the truck brand that our customers want to partner with.”

UD said that a rise in fuel costs is increasing operating costs in the region and claims the New Quester delivers enhanced fuel efficiency of up to 10% over the current model. This is aided by the ESCOT automated manual transmission, lighter tare weight and optimised driveline, and is also affected by the operating conditions, driving behavior and vehicle maintenance, company executives told T&FME magazine.

They added that UD Telematics makes it possible to connect directly to UD Trucks workshops to monitor and detect each vehicle’s condition and service needs before a potential emergency occurs. Preventive maintenance analysis guides customers via monthly driving behaviour and fuel consumption reports, ensuring higher uptime and optimized fuel economy over time.

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