Honeywell highlights smart technology for mosques in Mideast

Company says technology will make mosques more energy efficient and sustainable


Honeywell showcased new technology destined for mosques in the Middle East, at the Mosque Design and Development Summit in Dubai. The company highlighted its newest building management systems (BMS) and energy dashboards, as well as the VisionPro 8000 thermostat for mosques. The firm claims the latter can make mosques more sustainable and energy efficient.

The UAE is home to over 5,000 mosques, and there are several thousand spread across the wider Gulf region. As prayers take place five times in a day, and in large open spaces that have to be cooled, power requirements are considerable. Honeywell claims their solutions can reduce energy consumption, while maintaining optimal comfort for worshippers during prayer times.

“We congratulate regional governments for clearly outlining the move towards a more sustainable future for all buildings, including mosques. At the Mosque Design and Development Summit we are highlighting Honeywell’s commitment to providing our customers in the Middle East with energy-efficient and locally relevant solutions, so that worshippers can remain comfortable while reducing energy consumption,” said Dilip Sinha, regional general manager of Environmental and Energy Solutions, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies, Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META).

The company says its smart VisionPRO 8000 thermostat uses GPS to calculate prayer times, and automatically adjusts temperatures within the structure. The thermostat was trialed for six months at Sharjah’s Al Tawba Mosque, and realised year-over-year energy savings of 37%. The findings are endorsed by the Sharjah government’s Department of Islamic Affairs, which oversees mosques in the emirate.

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai also announced that it will make its facilities more eco-friendly. The UAE is keen to set an example for the region in terms of positively impacting energy consumption in Islamic facilities.

“By coordinating with industry experts and Islamic Affairs officials during this event, we can effectively collaborate to roll-out technologies that can help meet important energy efficiency and sustainability objectives,” said Sinha.

Honeywell is continuing to pilot its energy saving solutions for mosques across the region, and will unveil further pilot results down the line.


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