DEWA appoints Honeywell to install 270,000 smart meters

DEWA says smart grids provide advanced features including automatic decision-making and interoperability across the power grid

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has signed a deal with Honeywell that will see the firm supply and install smart electricity meters across the emirate. A total of 270,000 smart meters will be installed across the city as part of Phase Three of DEWA’s ‘Smart Applications via Smart Grid and Meters’ initiative.

The deal was announced at Wetex 2018 in Dubai. According to a statement from DEWA, the project aims to ‘develop smart infrastructure for electricity transmission and distribution networks, to enhance the speed of service delivery and response’.

Speaking about the benefits, DEWA said the system ensures quick reconnections in case of unscheduled service interruptions, while simultaneously enabling smart energy consumption through the monitoring of consumption at any time. The utility firm also said smart systems boost customer satisfaction and supports the sustainability of resources.

“During this phase of the project, DEWA will cooperate with Honeywell for the installation of 270,000 additional smart electric meters throughout Dubai, bringing the total number of smart meters that will be installed to approximately 700,000,” remarked Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, the managing director and CEO of Dewa and founder and chairman of Wetex.

The utility firm said its partnership with Honeywell focuses on promoting smart energy, energy efficiency, and greater sustainability across Dubai through smart infrastructure and systems. DEWA said that it will complete the installation of approximately one-million smart electric meters by 2020.

According to Al Tayer, the smart grid contributes to DEWA’s strategic goals of conserving the environment and natural resources by rationalising consumption, ensuring the implementation of the Demand Side Management Strategy to reduce energy and water demand by 30% by 2030.

Norm Gilsdorf, president of Honeywell, High Growth Regions, Middle East, and Russia added, “Helping to create a smarter and more energy efficient Dubai remains a key commitment for Honeywell. We are working with our clients to support the achievement of the government’s sustainability goals. We are proud to be selected by DEWA to complete the next phase of Smart Metering. By leveraging our connected technologies, we are focused on promoting smarter electricity usage across the emirate.”


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