Honeywell introduces new rugged handheld computer for demanding logistics applications

Android device designed for tough logistics sector environments in the Middle East comes with keypad and touchscreen interface

Honeywell has launched a new rugged handheld computer device in the Middle East that enables workers in the distribution and logistics, and field mobility fields to use it in demanding environment for quick data handling and input.

The software-industrial giant said the Dolphin CN80 handheld computer, which runs the AndroidTM operating system, is designed for tough environments, including distribution centres, field applications such as pickup-and-delivery and direct store delivery, and offers options for cold storage or hazardous locations. Built and operated on the company’s Mobility Edge Platform, the Dolphin CN80 is a hybrid device that incorporates both a traditional keypad and a large touchscreen interface.

“Workers in distribution centres or out in the field rely on their mobile devices to provide rapid data entry at high transaction rates,” said Miroslav Kafedzhiev, vice president and general manager, META, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. “For many of our customers who work in challenging locations in the region, or who have applications that rely on keyed shortcuts to speed data entry, a physical keypad remains a popular option for capturing mission-critical information.”

The new device features a vivid 4.2-inch touchscreen display along with a choice of either a numeric or a QWERTY keypad. In addition, the CN80 features enhanced 1D and 2D scanning/data capture options with the ability to read bar codes from as close as six inches to as far as 50 feet. Its ultra-rugged design has the ability to withstand multiple drops onto concrete from eight feet and 2,000 tumbles from 3.3 feet, said Honeywell, adding that the device’s battery life is also designed to be strong to support long shifts, extended talk-times and heavy GPS usage.

According to Honeywell, the CN80 is the latest device to run on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge Platform, which comprises common software and hardware architecture and a suite of device tools. The platform supports four generations of the Android operating system. The scalable architecture allows customers to develop, test and certify an application just once before deploying it to multiple device types across the enterprise, allowing companies to accelerate deployments, optimise device performance and extend the total product lifecycle to provide a lower overall total cost of ownership.

“Our customers need to minimise the cost and time associated with deploying and maintaining mobile solutions to keep their workers connected,” said Kafedzhiev. “With the Mobility Edge Platform, we help simplify software deployment to our customers’ fleet of devices and provide them with a much longer lifecycle for their mobile technology investments.”


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