Husqvarna launches electric drill motors equipped with Embedded Connectivity

The new DM 400 and DM 430 combine typical Husqvarna usability features with a new level of sturdiness, says the company

Husqvarna Construction has launched its first electric drill motors with Embedded Connectivity technology, which is designed to produce rich data analytics and insights into the health of equipment.

The DM 400 and DM 430 single-phase 3.2kW drill motors both offer the new technology, which is an enhanced version of Husqvarna Fleet Services. It includes key performance alerts and allows for continuous wireless updates of the machine’s software, the company said.

The tools themselves have a durable all-aluminum casing with a solid feel and a compact design to make them usable when drilling in narrow corners. The carrying handle also works as an impact guard and is easy to remove when needed, giving extra clearance in tight spaces.

In late August 2021, the firm appointed a new General Manager for the Middle East and Africa and, in mid June 2022, it introduced a new range of demolition robots.

Commenting on the new launches, Jeff Bennett, General Manager at Husqvarna Construction said, “In this ever-changing world of technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), it has been essential for operators of equipment to be able to collect and analyse information on the usage of the product and how to enhance its outcome. The new DM 400 / DM 430 are designed for rough handling and heavy drilling jobs but they’re also very easy to handle in any drilling conditions you can think of. They can be termed as truly dependable workhorses built to make the operator proud.”

The typical Husqvarna features include the LED load indicator and the SmartStart (half speed) button, and the quick connection to the new Husqvarna DS 500 stand, which is designed to fit together with DM 400 / DM 430. In addition, the three-speed gearbox makes it easy to adjust the RPMs for core bit diameters from 55 to 350 mm for DM 400, and 100 to 450 mm for DM 430.

In mid August 2022, the firm announced that it had appointed AABTools as its UAE distributor.

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