Honeywell launches new cloud-based connected building platform

New service for smart cities works in tandem with IoT technologies, mobile apps and Honeywell’s service engineers


Outcome Based Service is a new cloud-enabled building management service, which Honeywell says will make the region’s facilities greener, safer and more productive. In its statement, the company says that the service helps prioritise building maintenance activities where they can have the most impact on building performance.

The solution combines advanced automation and data analytics, and allows Honeywell engineers to assess building assets around the clock. The company claims this approach can help building/facility management teams identify issues earlier than would be possible with traditional maintenance systems, which will result in savings in terms of both time and money.

“Building operators across the Middle East are under pressure to make facilities more green, safe and productive, all while reducing operating costs. To achieve this, building and facility managers in the region are utilising IoT to their advantage. IoT is creating huge opportunities for operators by enabling valuable data analysis for more insightful and accurate decision making,” said Norm Gilsdorf, president for Honeywell’s Middle East, Russia, Turkey and Central Asia regions. “It’s important that we continue to inform decision makers on the opportunities presented by IoT and how they can continue to develop smarter buildings through the use of cloud technology.”

Outcome Based Service is the newest addition to Honeywell Building Solutions’ Connected Services portfolio. The firm says customers will be able to witness how the platform, combined with other connected service offerings, provides an effective solution for driving efficiency in the region.

Philipose Jacob, regional general manager, Honeywell Building Solutions added: “Data can provide valuable insights about building health if you have the right combination of technology and expertise to efficiently gather and analyse it. With Outcome Based Service, Honeywell makes the most of internet connectivity to essentially ‘listen’ to what a connected building has to say, providing actionable insights to improve performance. Instead of walking through a time-consuming checklist of items to review on a regular basis, Honeywell is focusing efforts appropriately to optimize efficiency and track performance in real time.”

The service polls building connectivity and sensors to ensure that building equipment is performing at its best. Honeywell says that results from early pilot deployments have shown it can help organisations cut energy spend while cutting reactive service calls.


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