Macro signs FM contract for Qatar independent schools

Consultancy’s goal is to prepare the ministry’s in-house team to take over after five years

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Macro will provide facilities management services for five years to independent schools in Qatar, as per a contract it signed with the country’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Under the terms of the contract, Macro will manage facilities services, and support the ministry in creating and maintaining an environment that is safe and secure. The project will employ class-leading facilities management and service delivery practices, as well as modern technology, for the efficient management of assets, services and information.

The focus for Macro will be to prepare the ministry’s in-house FM team, so it can deliver management functions at the end of the contract term. The contract also provisions a consultancy period, followed by the management of FM services and minor project management for all independent schools.

The consultancy period outlines over 39 deliverables forming FM documentation, processes, procedures and management plans.

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