Crane specialist NFT moves to larger yard in Abu Dhabi

Tower crane specialist to use new 300,000sqm facility to increase stock, refit used equipment and improve customer service

Abu Dhabi-based tower crane specialist, NFT for Tower Cranes, has announced its move to a new 300,000sqm yard off Ghweifat International highway, southwest of the UAE capital.

NFT, which is one of the biggest dealers of Manitowoc’s Potain tower cranes, said in a statement that the new facility in the Al Dhafra area will stock its crane components, spare parts and hoists, and will also become its new headquarters in the future.

“After extensive and careful research, the plot of land in Al Dhafra was chosen to be the base for our operations not only for the UAE, but for our worldwide activities as well”, said Nabil Al Zahlawi, NFT’s CEO.

“The yard will replace our existing yards in Al Mafraq and Sweihan near Al Ain City, and we also have plans to move our headquarters there. It has taken us less than three months and more than 1,000 trailer truck trips to complete the move from Al Mafraq to Al Dhafra without any interruption to our ongoing export-import operations. Our day-to-day work was not compromised as the move from the 15,000sqm Mafraq yard to Al Dhafra was completed.”

In light of the increase in demand of second-hand equipment, NFT has dedicated two facilities for reconditioning used tower cranes, the company’s statement added. The first one will handle the welding and painting while the second focuses on mechanical and electrical work. The two facilities are joined together like an assembly line whereby each part of a used tower crane is checked and improved step by step until it is finished with painting.

The yard has enough space for testing as well, the statement said, adding that NFT has invested heavily in this in-house solution of tower crane reconditioning in line with being the one-stop supplier for all lifting needs.

NFT has also invested in software-enabled automation system that allows the workshop team to check and locate any number of available items efficiently and quickly for an operating device. The company has also provided the facility with golf carts and all-terrain vehicles to allow for movement of staff in the huge space.

The yard is now home to NFT’s growing stock of 1,800 tower cranes of which 200 are brand new models. It also contains 500 hoists and 35,000 pieces of spare parts. Although the main office building is still in the design phase, NFT’s staff will eventually be moving to the Al Dhafra yard, which will be the base for all 600 employees from its administration, engineering, mechanical, operator and labour departments, the statement added.

NFT believes that the move will strengthen its position by facilitating its continuous effort to increase stock, protect the quality of new equipment and to recondition used items to almost brand new status, enabling it to serve its clients better.


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