General Construction Company uses Terex Cranes for Dubai Creek development

Luffing Jib Tower Cranes were chosen for their high strength capacity, short counterjib, and versatility allowing them to be assembled in tight areas

General Construction Company (GCC) has been using an array of Terex Luffing Jib Tower Cranes, including the CTL140-10 and CTL260-18 models, for the Jewel of the Creek development at the north shore of the Dubai Creek.

GCC is building the complex with the help of a total of 16 Terex Tower Cranes, said Terex in a statement. All the cranes are said to be of luffing jib type, from CTL 140-10 with its 10-tonne capacity, to the CTL 260-18 with its 18-tonne capacity.

According to Emam Al Sayed, Head of Mechanical Dept at GCC, “They are the ideal solution thanks to their high strength capacity, short counterjib, and versatility which allows them to be assembled in a small area which was necessary on this site with such cramped areas of operation.”

As well as the humid and hot climate of Dubai another challenge was the jobsite location. For part of this project the basement areas had to be constructed, which proved difficult, as cranes had to be moved from place to place in confined spaces, the statement noted.

“These cranes are very versatile and with quite light components so you can use a small crane for installation. They have a short counterjib helping in maneuverability. To manage the activity of so many cranes in a restricted area, the anti-collision system AMCS installed on the cranes helps to control the movement of each crane in relation with the others,” added Al Sayed.

The project is a one million sqm mixed use development in the Port Saeed area of Deira, incorporating a mix of residential, commercial, hospitality and recreational facilities. It is being developed by Dubai International Real Estate and designed by Kling Consult, in a joint venture with another German architecture firm, Kieferle & Partner.

Seventeen high-rise buildings hosting apartments, hotels and offices are being developed as part of the project. There will also be a large space for leisure with event halls, ports and recreation centre, and the longest swimming pool in Dubai.

In June 2020, XCMG introduced its super-scale tower crane for mega-scale bridge projectsMammoet used its MTC 15 crane on a barge to install bridge components for The Red Sea Project, and Tadano said that it was harmonising its telescopic boom crawler line.

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