Terex adds new flat top crane to its city class range

The CTT 222-10 comes with enhanced power control features and slewing technology to improve operation in city settings

Terex Tower Cranes has added its latest flat top tower crane with “city class” design features, the company has announced.

The highlights of the new CTT 222-10 include Terex Power Plus (TPP), which enables the crane to increase power by 10%, and Terex Power Match (TPM), a feature that puts the crane into an energy saving mode, the company said.

The crane also uses T-Link, Terex’s telematics system to ensure remote access to fleet data, while Terex slewing technology, T-Torque, offers operators high control and precision over the crane slewing, regardless of wind direction, tower system and jib configuration, the firm added.

In June 2022, General Construction Company said it was using Terex Cranes on the Dubai Creek development while, in August 2022, Terex said it was investing in Acculon Energy to accelerate MEWP electrification.

The CTT 222-10 can be set up and erected with a 1.60m, 1.95m or 2.10m tower mast, depending on the needs and requirements of the user and setting it’s in. This particular model is fitted with the industry-known S-pace cabin, while it has a 10t maximum capacity and a maximum jib length of 65m.

“We are excited about this new model that will enlarge our offering in a key capacity class; this will help us to even better support our customers with many residential, commercial but also infrastructures projects,” says Angelo Cosmo, Terex Cranes Senior Marketing Manager

Lee Maynard, Global Sales Director, Tower Cranes adds, “This new model has already attracted a lot of attention and our first TEN cranes will be shipping to France in the fourth quarter of this year. We are already filling the order book for quarter one next year, with more units planned to ship to France and other parts of Europe. It’s an exciting time and there are further models planned in this mid-size range early in 2023.”

Also in August 2022, Terex MP said it was acquiring specialist producer of mobile volumetric concrete mixers, ProALL.


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