Jeddah Municipality one of KSA’s worst for tender processes and project delivery

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs report finds Jeddah to be one of the four worst performing municipalities in the country

Jeddah Municipality has been rated as one of the worst performing in Saudi Arabia by the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs.

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Jeddah’s Municipality has one of Saudi Arabia’s worst records in terms of tender processes and project delivery, a report compiled by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has claimed.

The report looked at the performances of municipalities and secretariats across the country for the 2011/2012 fiscal year, according to sources quoted by local media.

Jeddah Municipality is one of the four worst performing municipalities in the country, sources added, but did not specify which other administrations had also underperformed.

The sources added that the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Prince Mansour bin Miteb had sent a telegram to Jeddah municipality demanding it submit regular reports on projects and tenders. The Jeddah Mayor, Hani Abu Ras has called on all departments to comply with the Minister’s orders.

In his telegram, Prince Mansour stressed that steps had to be taken to deal with weaknesses and shortcomings to ensure that projects were completed on time and schedule.

Reliable sources said Prince Mansour held an urgent meeting with the Jeddah mayor to get a briefing on all delayed projects.

“The minister asked for a detailed report on the projects that were included in the budgets of the fiscal year 2011/2012,” said the source.

The request included all new projects and ones rolled over from the previous year.

Prince Mansour also wanted a list of companies that had lost bids for contracts, projects that went over deadline by more than 25 percent, and those projects that had failed to meet deadlines and had therefore resulted in expired contracts.

Another meeting is scheduled soon to discuss measures taken to solve these problems, the sources said.

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