KSA firms plan labour renting scheme to resolve building crisis

Three Saudi companies will hire out workers on a short term basis to contractors

The short term labour scheme aims to resolve Saudi Arabia’s labour shortage.

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Three Saudi Arabian companies, comprising of 13 recruitment firms, plan to hire out workers on a short term basis to contractors in the Kingdom, in a bid to overcome the ‘building crisis’ affecting the country.

Recruitment companies will supply workers for up to a year to construction companies looking to complete their projects, while also supplying workers to other companies that need short term labour, industry experts explained to Arab News.

The move will bring relief to a Saudi construction industry that is struggling with a shortage of labour. The launch of the hiring – out program will take place at the end of the much discussed amnesty period for workers on November 3, 2013.

Abdullah Radwan, chairman of the contractors committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), said the program would help resolve labor shortages.

“There are three recruitment firms that have been licensed to launch labor rental programs,” Radwan told Arab News.

He said the program will provide workers on short-term (contracts) without having to transfer their sponsorships. Awad Al-Zahrani, a member of the recruitment committee at the JCCI, said a number of recruitment companies were preparing training programs for workers.

The plan is aimed at compensating for the departure of thousands of expatriate construction workers over the past three months, said an industry expert.

Recruitment companies will also provide trained and qualified workers as needed.

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