Abu Dhabi’s EMC has new corporate structure for commercial vehicles

Emirates Motor Company establishes separate business units for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

PHOTO: EMC’s new structure follows Daimler AG’s global restructuring of its passenger cars and commercial vehicles business. Credit: Daimler Middle East & Levant

Emirates Motor Company (EMC), the distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Abu Dhabi, has announced a new operating structure leading to the establishment of separate business units for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

EMC Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars will be led by Kamal Rafih, while EMC Daimler Commercial Vehicles will now be headed by Bilal Al Ribi.

The move comes in response to a growing market for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, according to a statement by EMC, the flagship company of UAE-based Al Fahim Group.

The decision comes in the wake of Daimler AG’s global restructuring of its passenger-car and commercial-vehicle units.

“In the last few years, Mercedes-Benz’s passenger-car product line has almost doubled, compelling us to look at a new strategy for the world’s leading luxury automotive brand,” said Frank Bernthaler, chief executive for automotive at Al Fahim Group.

“At the same time, the Daimler Commercial Vehicle line-up has seen an equally strong development, combined with the fact that new brands like Freightliner have been introduced into the UAE market.”

Bilal Al Ribi, who has been appointed general manager of the new commercial-vehicle division, brings 23 years of experience in trucks and buses to the new role. Al Ribi has worked in sales and after-sales management in both USA and the Middle East.

“Abu Dhabi is a remarkably promising market for commercial vehicles as the emirate’s construction scene keeps growing, coupled with our introduction of a new heavy-duty vehicle product line,” Al Ribi said.

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