VIDEO: Massive fire engulfs Torch skyscraper in Dubai

Thousands of people reported to be evacuated; debris seen falling from 79-storey tower in Dubai Marina

PHOTO: A fire engulfed the Torch building in Dubai in the early hours of Saturday morning. Credit: Twitter

A massive fire today broke out at the Torch building in Dubai, one of the tallest residential towers in the world.

Debris could be seen falling from the residential skyscraper in the Dubai Marina district, according to videos posted to social media early on Saturday morning.

Thousands of people have reportedly been evacuated from the building, with emergency crews including fire services and ambulances attending the scene.

Strong winds were said to have fanned the flames, although there are no immediate reports of any casualties.

The fire started at around 2am on the 50th floor and later spread higher up the building, according to press reports. An eyewitness told Gulf News that the scene was “like the Titanic going down”.

“Wind and sandstorm conditions making it hard to extinguish #TorchTower. Floors 50-70 on fire. 79 story bldg,” wrote Twitter user @voixdemichele.

Another Twitter user said it “really is Towering Inferno”.

It was not immediately clear what caused the blaze at the 79-storey tower. Residents are said to have reported several false fire alarms at the buidling in recent weeks, claims that could not immediately verify.

VIDEO: YouTube

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