UAE takes steps to make green diesel mandatory

From September 7, 2014, a joint governmental panel will launch an inspection campaign to ensure the usage of green diesel

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From September 7, 2014, a joint governmental panel will launch an inspection campaign to ensure the usage of green diesel as per the 2013 UAE Federal Cabinet decision.

The details of the campaign was decided at a stakeholder meeting led by ENOC Industrial Products Marketing (EIPM) and attended by representatives of Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology (ESMA), Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Civil Defence, Dubai Municipality and Emarat. The meeting resolved to promote awareness on the importance of the new greener fuel standards, which will soon be made mandatory across the UAE government. The stakeholders emphasised the need to take concerted action to ensure the security of supply and usage of the new ‘Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel,’ which is more environment-friendly and helps in reducing toxic vehicle exhaust emissions.

The stakeholders agreed on a roadmap and timelines to take collective action to promote ‘Ultra- low Sulphur Diesel’ usage, which is a far cleaner fuel than the diesel used in the region.

Saeed Khoory, Chief Executive Officer of ENOC, said: “We have been working with the authorities to implement a mechanism to regulate the diesel market to limit irregularities and illegal activities. The use of low-standard diesel, often sourced from illegal vendors, not only impacts the economy negatively but also leads to environmental degradation and health & safety hazards. For the first time in the region, the UAE has now set a clear guideline on the standards to be followed in using diesel. With 90% of the diesel used in the UAE going towards the transport sector and its demand growing by at least 4% annually, it is important to take strong measures to ensure quality and environmental standards.”

The stakeholders decided to formally inform all relevant organisations, including diesel distributors, fleet owners and commercial diesel-vehicle users, urging them to register their products and obtain a certificate of compliance from ESMA in collaboration with DED. Khoory explained that the concerted efforts by the governmental stakeholders and ENOC will help reduce the carbon footprint of the UAE, promote safe usage of diesel and bring value to the industry supply chain, which has been impacted adversely by illegal diesel vendors.

In preparing for the inspection campaign, DED and ESMA will work jointly to clearly underline the specifications to be followed and also set firm guidelines reflecting the UAE Federal Cabinet decision.

The Dubai Civil Defence will inspect fuel tanks, equipment and fuel tankers to ensure that they meet the security and safety requirements, with fines to be levied on violators. Dubai Municipality will also join in the inspection of diesel storage sites and ensure that all permits are in place in relation to the installation and use of fuel tanks.

All diesel samples collected will be inspected at laboratories certified by DED and ESMA. The diesel that does not conform to the standards will be confiscated.

Nader Al Fardan, Senior Manager of EIPM, said, “The joint cooperation between government entities and national oil companies is very important to regulate the diesel market, and to limit irregularities and illegal activities that have a negative impact on the economy and environment as well as on public safety. Since 2008, ENOC was one of the first companies in the region to provide the ultra-low-sulphur diesel (50 ppm), as a part of its strategy to conserve the environment and meet the needs of our customers.”

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