Heart of Europe project begins on Nakheel’s The World islands

European-themed resort to be developed at ‘The World’, an cluster of six islands built in 2008

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Dubai-based developer Kleindienst has started work on a resort complex on ‘The World’, a man-made archipelago off Dubai’s coast.

Titled ‘Heart of Europe’, the complex includes luxury hotels and villas across six small islands based 5KM off mainland Dubai, and is due for completion by the end of 2016. Current project operations are focussed on the dispatch of materials and equipment from the mainland to the islands, as per a press release.

Vibro-compaction of the islands will be the first step in the construction process to prepare them for buildings to be erected. The resort is expected to feature design elements inspired by Italian, German, French and German architecture and concepts.

A Reuters report stated Kleindienst had, in May 2013, paved its way for this project after settling a dispute with Nakheel, the original builder of the archipelago, a sum of $169mn. The company will announce the costs and funding-sources of the project next month; estimates by local press stories stand at $800mn.

Heart of Europe is hoped to encourage the development of more islands in the archipelago, which was completed in 2008 to increase Dubai’s tally of beachfront properties.

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