Three killed in Dubai luffing jib crane collapse

Downtown Dubai site operated by Brookfield Multiplex

The Address BLVD is being constructed opposite to the existing hotels in Downtown Dubai

The Address BLVD is being constructed opposite to the existing hotels in Downtown Dubai

Work came to a screeching halt on Saturday, 10 October at a construction site in downtown Dubai when a tower crane collapsed, killing three workers and injuring four others.

Developed by Emaar, site is operated by Brookfield Multiplex Complex (BM), who issued a statement expressing condolences to the affected families, and saying that a detailed investigation is ongoing and BM is assisting the concerned authorities. The site remained closed as investigations were underway.

The cause of the accident was not immediately apparent, with conflicting accounts reported. But photos from the site showed that the crane’s superstructure and jib had crashed to the ground below.

According to Gulf News, Police said the crane operator had “lost control” and caused the collapse. Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, director of Dubai Police’s Criminal Investigations Department, said the operator was taken in to face charges of criminal negligence.

One worker recounted that the ladder on the crane had collapsed, presumably meaning the mast, whilst it was climbing.

An engineer quoted anonymously by GulfNews said that normally the company relies on third parties to fix its tower cranes, who “should be specialised and ensure all safety measures”. It was unclear from photos whether the crane was fixed to the under-construction tower with ties.

A number of managers and safety engineers from the company, and the site supervisor, have been arrested while the investigation is carried out, said Police.

Tower crane collapses are rare in Dubai (and indeed globally), since contracting companies generally operate at a high level of skill, and the results of a collapse are known to be disastrous, in terms of loss of life and injury, lost productivity through site closure, and negative publicity.


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