Wolffkran demos revolutionary fan system ‘Vita Load’ for cranes with Johnson Arabia

Jet-like VLN enables projects to achieve faster lifting operations, enhance efficiency through precise load placement

Wolffkran used a special open day at Johnson Arabia’s facility in Dubai last week to demonstrate the Vita Load Navigator (VLN) technology, a remote-controlled propulsion-driven device which connects below the hook of the crane and is remotely controlled.

Measuring over 1,000 data points per second, the system detects load movement in real-time and adjusts the load with high-powered fans to eliminate spinning, rotations, and other problems that cause site damage or injuries.

Both Vita Industrial and WOLFFKRAN believe the VLN enables projects to achieve faster lifting operations, enhance efficiency through precise load placement, and minimise downtime attributed to adverse weather and environmental conditions.

The Vita Industrial team were in Dubai last week to demonstrate the system at Johnson Arabia’s facility in DIC.

WOLFFKRAN, renowned for its crane sales, crane rentals, and operation services, has been at the forefront of showcasing the capabilities of the VLN technology. Beginning with the United Kingdom and expanding to other countries, the response from industry professionals and project sites has been resoundingly positive. As a result, WOLFFKRAN has confirmed the purchase of 10 units of the Vita Load Navigator (VLN) technology for immediate delivery. Such order underlines the commitment of both WOLFFKRAN and Vita Industrial to delivering state-of-the-art solutions to their crane clientele, say both parties.

The initial 10 units will be integrated into WOLFFKRAN’s extensive rental and sales portfolio, providing construction customers with access to the latest advancements in crane technology. Vita Industrial anticipates a surge in demand and additional orders as WOLFFKRAN continues to demonstrate the innovative capabilities of this technology in real-world applications.

Describing the VLN as a ‘gamechanger’ ahead of the Johnson Arabia open day, WOLFFKRAN said the event was an unparalleled opportunity to witness first-hand the cutting-edge advancements in the lifting industry.

Caleb Carr, the CEO of Vita Inclinata Technologies, commented on the partnership, saying, “Our collaboration with WOLFFKRAN has exceeded our expectations, and we are excited to witness the rapid adoption of Vita Load Navigator technology. Together, we are empowering construction professionals with innovative solutions that will drive industry advancements for years to come.”

Duncan Salt, CEO of WOLFFKRAN, said: “The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received underscores the transformative potential of our collaboration with Vita Industrial. We are proud to bring the Vita Load Navigator technology to our partners worldwide, enhancing their lifting operations and setting new standards for efficiency and safety.”


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