MYCRANE services global lifting projects with digital procurement platform

Dubai-based rental platform has been used to source equipment and provide technical assistance for a range of projects

Beijing-based Haihua Industry Group said it used MYCRANE’s online crane rental platform to source a 400t crawler crane for a three-column lift at a refinery.

Haihua said that it awarded the lifting contract to Sinopec Heavy Lifting and Transportation Co, who proposed a SANY crane, SCC4000A, in LJ configuration (super lift). Critical lift was required at 28m radius and 77m height for the 22.8t column sections.

According to MYCRANE, the client selected a crane already located in the same region as the job site, generating savings of 30% compared to other quotes.

At the 2022 Construction Machinery Middle East Awards the platform was shortlisted in the ‘Innovation of the Year’ category.

MYCRANE Founder and CEO Andrei Geikalo said: “In our initial discussions, it became apparent that most contractors known to the client were unable to meet its requirements, particularly in relation to site space and budget constraints. Fortunately, the client was able to use the MYCRANE rental platform to quickly access a range of additional suppliers, who were able to propose different options, and then award the project to their preferred contractor based on technical and commercial criteria.”

In a separate project this summer, MYCRANE provided support for the installation of nine pieces of equipment including four condensers weighing 26.8t (lifting height over 45m); four crystallisers weighing 48t (lifting height over 45m); and one wet dust collector weighing 20t.

The rental platform was said to be used to source a 400t mobile crane. However, when it was discovered that the heaviest piece of cargo was delivered with a weight 25% heavier than expected, MYCRANE found a way to adjust the weight of the rigging and reposition the crane, so it could be safely used whilst still within capacity, the company said.

In April 2022, the platform said it was expanding its global network franchise with the addition of Qatar, while in August, it added new crane types for the short-term rental market.


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