MYCRANE introduces Inspections App for lifting equipment

The app will allow users to remotely review the condition of equipment before placing an online order

A new Inspections App designed to reduce the risk when renting lifting equipment online has been launched by Dubai-based MYCRANE.

According to the company, the free MYCRANE Inspections App will help prevent fraud and reduce risk by digitalising the crane rental inspection process and using artificial intelligence (AI) to verify data such as location of the crane and the authenticity of registration documents.

Customers can make use of the Inspections App to review the condition of the equipment, prior to placing an order, the company stated.

In mid November 2022, United Rentals said it would acquire Ahern Rentals for $2bn and, later in the month, Mammoet and Bay Cranes announced a strategic partnership.

The app, which is available in more than 35 languages, provides push notifications, so images of the crane can be uploaded, along with key data about the equipment. Only live images and video recordings can be accepted, while the platform is said to include fraud detection and recognition features.

“Our new app is another innovative tool that offers a high level of transparency for our customers, reassuring them that the proposed equipment is as described, and helping to minimise disputes,” said Andrei Geikalo, Founder and CEO of MYCRANE.

He concluded, “Crane rental providers will also find the Inspections App useful. In the case of bare rentals, for instance, our app may provide proof of discrepancies between the outgoing inspections and incoming inspections when the equipment is confirmed off-rent and being returned to the crane provider, because it will be so simple to verify the condition of the equipment. Now, anybody can use the Inspections App to easily and quickly request a safety and quality check – at any time.”

In early December 2022, Mammoet completed the installation of the UAE’s three largest gas turbines.

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